Women In Engineering

REVOLVE is dedicated to promoting Women in Engineering….our network of experienced academic staff mentor new researchers and PhD students. The aim of REVOLVE is to foster an environment where women are encouraged, supported and developed helping them to reach their full potential both in academia and in their research aspirations.

On this page you will hear from women with successful careers in different engineering roles share their experiences.

Maria Canavate Sanchez and Victoria Gómez-Guillamón Buendía, PhD students, Heriot-Watt University

Maria and Victoria are both PhD students, currently working as part of the Microwaves & Antenna Research Group within Heriot-Watt University, Here they talk about their experiences as women in an engineering role:


Claire Benteyn, PhD Fellow, REVOLVE project

PhD Fellow, Claire Benteyn, joined the REVOLVE project in October 2017 and is currently working on the ESR5 project studying smart reflector surfaces with processing capability based on actuated flexible thin organic large area surfaces. During her placement at Thales Alenia Space in France Claire made the following video:

Now that Claire has settled into her new role on the REVOLVE project we asked her to comment on her experience as a Women in Engineering:

“The first time I heard about the topic of ‘Women in Engineering’ was during my first year of Engineering School. In fact,  the School was historically one of France’s first Grandes Ecoles to train women in this field. As the years passed, I heard comments such as, “It is a man’s world” and “It will be hard”. These comments may have discouraged some and it is true that there aren’t many women (yet!)…but in my experience I have found that women are always welcomed. I am the only woman in the group of the REVOLVE fellows and I really hope that our project will motivate a lot of space dreamers. So far, there is no princess on the moon…..think about it.”


Anaëlle Maho, Photonic Research Engineer, Thales Alenia Space (France)

In 2013 she joined III-V Lab (a joint fab from Nokia, Thales and CEA) where she was working on optoelectronic components (DFB lasers, semiconductor optical amplifiers, RSOA…) applied for the next generation of optical access networks. She obtained her PhD in 2017 and is currently involved in the research department at Thales Alenia Space in France. Her main research interests are focused on advanced photonic systems for free space optical communications as well as optical inter-board interconnects for high throughput on-board processors.


Gabriela Medero, Associate Professor, Heriot-Watt University

Gabriela Medero is an Associate Professor in the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society, at Heriot-Watt University. The School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society is one of the UK’s leading institutions for multidisciplinary research and teaching in areas critical to economic development and societal equity. In this video Gabrela talks about her experiences as a woman in an engineering role.


Dr. Rebecca Marr, Research Associate, Heriot-Watt University

The Institute for Infrastructure and Environment undertakes cutting-edge research to deliver technological advances and inform government policy on topics relevant to the global challenges of: climate change; sustainable development; infrastructure deterioration; and personal and national security. In this video, Rebecca talks abourt her experiences as a female researcher within civil engineering.

There are many blogs and sites dedicated to Women in Engineering and some notable ones are listed below.


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