Space for Kids!

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Drawings made by children at The City of Science Festival in Toulouse 2018!

How will the Revolvers engage with Schools?

PNG school flier

      • 7 PhD European students will sponsor a primary school class in different countries (Tunisia, Greece, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and UK) interacting in a monthly basis in their native language.
      • Share their experience: our PhD students will interact with the school through social networks and a blog where they will explain the reasons and objectives of their work, share photos of meetings, photos of the places they visited, show progress of their project and answer any questions that students may have. They will also visit the school and share ideas, knowledge and take part in hands-on activities about space.
      • Contest: during the academic year pupils will be offered projects before having the opportunity to enter a competition and win a prize.

Schools…join us for your science project!

      • To participate in this activity you should be age 12 or below.
      • We have a selection of science projects to choose from ranging from experiments with light and sounds as well as designing your own satellite or rocket, …CLICK TO SEE A LIST OF EXPERIMENTS AND ACTIVITIES!
      • You will be able to select a maximum of 4 projects that will run throughout the academic year
      • Our 7 Revolvers will support you throughout the duration of your project

How does the contest work?

      • The 7 Revolvers will invite you to share your personal achievements, and then collate them on the website on a dedicated page.
      • How can you interact? Here are some ideas:-
        • Take selfies whilst doing your project,
        • Make videos to upload
        • Share drawings, cartoons, paint, collages, … please feel free to use your imagination!
        • Ask questions to your dedicated Revolver
      • You will share your achievements on your dedicated school Facebook page and on the blog of your Revolver. The more likes you get, the more chance you have of winning!
      • At the end of the year, the two most active groups and the two groups which have collected the most ‘likes’ on social networks will be down-selected for the final.
      • A jury consisting of 7 expert judges in the field of space will select the best group.

What is the prize for the winner?

      • Prize for runner up schools will include vouchers for Amazon, books about space for the school library and more!
      • The school which wins the first prize will win €1K worth of science experiments for their classmates.

    “If I was an engineer, I would…..”

    (animation by Holly, age 11)