Explorathon and Midlothian Science Festival

As usual, at the beginning of every academic year many public events take place in Edinburgh. Among these events, there were public engagement activities that were addressing mostly to young children and how we could inspire the new generation in science. So, during the last week of September and the two first weeks of October, Heriot-Watt university and REVOLVE were involved in many of these activities.

Explorathon 2019 took place this year at the Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh, a wonderful centre for plant research conservation and education. Diverse researchers from various scientific backgrounds from the city of Edinburgh represented Universities and Research Institutions. Hands-on activities from topics like medicine, biology, physics and sociology were demonstrated to the young visitors. Dozens of young people flocked to the building located into the magnificent landscape of the Botanic Gardens. Heriot-Watt University and REVOLVE had their own booth named ‘Engineering for Beginners’, with two tables full of experiments for young people and not only.

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The visitors had the opportunity to get involved in experiments from the field of science and engineering while the smile on their face revealed their pleasure to the experiments and filled us with joy and satisfaction. Wireless power transfer, visual tricks and illusions, magnetic and electric fields with batteries and magnets as well as experiments with acoustic waves were some of the activities demonstrated to the kids and the attendants. Finally, there is no doubt for the great organization and the well succeeded objective of the venue that is nothing but inspiring the new generation in science.

In the context of Midlothian Science Festival, Heriot Watt University teamed up with Black Diamond radio station in an open day event called ‘Making Radio Waves’. The concept of this collaboration was to invite people interested in learning about radio waves to the beautiful premises of Black Diamond FM on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The hosting of the members of Black Diamond FM was outstanding and the attendees (people of different ages) had the opportunity to listen to a presentation about the basics of radio waves, visit the premises of the radio station and see how a radio show is set up and broadcasted, as well as put their hands on the experiments provided and demonstrated by the Heriot-Watt team.

Finally, again in the context of Midlothian Science Festival, Heriot-Watt and REVOLVE participated in a third outreach event which took place at the local library of Penicuik. Universities and other institutions related to science teamed up for demonstrating experiments related to science and nature with view to inspire the young attendees in this exciting world.

Penicuik Library 2

Penicuik Library Outreach

The local community responded massively to the Midlothian Science Festival’s call and dozens of children with their parents flooded the library. Heriot-Watt’s booth experienced α strong traffic from the enthusiastic young girls and boys who came to see our experiments and learn all this ‘magic’ that exists at this planet and universe.


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