If I was an engineer….

by Holly, age 11 (Edinburgh)

If I was an Engineer I would build a landing gear station and send satellites to the moon!

Part of the Space for Kids project is to invite school-aged children to submit their own space videos and this is the first submission! Holly (age 11) has drawn her own animated storyboard with space rockets, satellites and even a space dog!  Read her space story:

‘This video is for ‘Space for Kids!’ The animation is about a girl who is thinking about what she would do as a Space Engineer….she goes on a special journey to the moon and designs her own space station so that she can fly her own rockets. The girl dreams about Space and about being an engineer so that life is better for people. She is a dreamer and a princess. She has many ideas and wants to share them.’

Thank you to Holly for sharing her fantastic animation about Space for Kids! 

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